Thursday, July 2, 2015

Truer Colors

Have you seen those memes making the rounds that talk about how a person's true colors come out if they treat you badly at a time when you're going through something challenging and you're not behaving perfectly?

I've seen oodles of them, written in various forms, but sharing the same sentiment. Whenever I come across one of these thought-provoking posts, I wonder, "What about the people who are treating you badly? Don't they deserve to be given as much slack for their reactionary 'bad behavior' as you do for your behavior in the first place?"

The way I see it, we are all, yes all, doing our best in this life, and if someone doesn't respond or react the way we want, we can either write them off as 'toxic' and not worth keeping around because their true colors are so ugly and unappealing, or we can do just the opposite. We can take a moment to realize that they, like us, are going through something challenging and that we all deserve some slack.

People don't mean to be insensitive and unkind, and it doesn't feel good to be this way. So when someone responds to your crisis in a way that you feel is inappropriate, you have the opportunity to take the high road and elevate both of you.

After all, if we don't love and buoy each other, who will? It doesn't matter what the other guy is doing. It matters what you're doing. And what you can do is to go deeper in your understanding of unconditional love so as not to take perceived slights so personally, and to embrace the ones who react negatively to your struggles, cuz clearly, they're struggling too.

When the dust settles, we'll be better be able to see and discern the real colors of those around us ... and we'll find their beautiful.

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