Friday, December 26, 2014

Why you deserve the high ground

I was thinking today about some of the abject resistance I've been facing as it relates to my efforts to do what I truly believe to be right and good. The struggle has been ongoing and nearly constantly fierce. During a moment of reflection on the situation, the words high ground quietly came to me. I'd read Sun Tzu and was well-acquainted with the military tactic, but felt I should go a bit deeper with it.

I looked up the term on Wikipedia and was bowled over by what the online reference site had to say. When reading the following excerpt, try to gain a fuller understanding of how the principles outlined can apply to your own life and the struggles or resistance with which you yourself may have been grappling:
High ground is an area of elevated terrain which can be useful in combat. The military importance of high ground has been recognized for over 2,000 years, for example in Sun Tzu's The Art of War, in which military leaders are advised to take high ground and let the enemy try to attack from a lower position. Fighting from an elevated position is easier for a number of reasons. 
Holding high ground offers an elevated vantage point with a wide field of view, enabling surveillance of the surrounding landscape, in contrast to valleys which offer a limited field of view.   
In addition, soldiers fighting uphill will tire more quickly and will move more slowly, while soldiers fighting downhill may not get tired as quickly, and may be able to move faster. 
Furthermore, soldiers who are elevated above their enemies can get greater range out of low-speed projectiles like rocks, javelins, and grenades. Likewise, low-speed projectiles will have less range when thrown uphill.

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