Monday, February 8, 2016

Gratitude ... it's about more than 'things'

I'm big on gratitude - plain and simple.
I talk about it a lot, think about it even more, and experience it throughout the day.
So I was brought up a little short when I realized I'd been neglecting the most incredible gift life has to offer — each other!

Things like indoor plumbing and the internet are hugely beneficial, but where would we be without those who inspire, educate, and entertain us ... let alone those who show us deeper meanings of love. With that day of love called Valentine's Day right around the corner, I've decided to be more mindful of the manifold reasons I have to be grateful for those with whom I come in contact throughout my day:
  • To the new mother doing her best to quiet her screaming toddler — for her patience and poise
  • To the cheerful server who put up with our dinner group's ongoing special requests — for showing unquenchable enthusiasm, grace and kindness with nary an exasperated sigh or eye roll (... at least not that I saw)
  • To the road-rager who cut me off in traffic — for reminding me that we all have bad days and how I hope when I have mine someone will cut me some slack
  • Even to the person begging for money on the street ... the one who I've been told owns a condo and whom I suspect makes much more money than I do — for reminding me that my diligence in supporting myself without outside help and my unpaid 'good works' bring their own rewards

I intend to look for reasons to be grateful for the people in my life long after the commercial celebration of hearts and flowers has been ticked off the calendar. There is so much to appreciate in this life — beginning with the person sitting next to you.

Happy love day! ❤

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