Saturday, September 20, 2014

Vulnerable No More

Finding romantic love is one of the most fulfilling feelings a human being can experience.  But what happens to the heart, soul and psyche when love turns to abuse? When the very person who should love and protect you, instead, attacks and harms you?  In your own home?

Violence against women has been a hot topic for some time. Whether the headlines tell of Arab women being stoned or professional athletes pummeling their mates, the maltreatment of women is making news.  And people are crying out, not only for justice, but for an end to reprehensible behavior.  Here's a PSA featuring many of the Law & Order cast, along with a few other celebrities who took the time to lend their voices to make our world saner.

On a much more diminutive scale, Siren School, the entity that publishes this blog, channels a portion of all proceeds to its philanthropy The Untouched, created to benefit women who have experienced domestic abuse. In their own words:
"Domestic violence requires both a villain and a victim. We strive to remove the victim from the equation."
Take part in any of Siren School's fun and festive programs and you'll be helping to put a stop to domestic tyranny, one siren at a time.

Because abuse doesn't discriminate

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