Monday, November 18, 2013

The benefits of

We've all heard the phrase "Keep it simple stupid"... which I prefer to render "Keep it super simple" as the word "stupid" does little to inspire me.  We know that simplicity is desirable.  It can greatly diminish unnecessary toil, confusion and even heartache.  But how often do we stop to consider why this is actually the case?

Simplicity omits the clutter. It gets to the heart of things, cuts to the chase, and shows what's really going on. Simplicity is beautiful. It's a direct path to meaning. It is clear and straightforward.

On the other end of the spectrum, we've heard people explain a situation or relationship by saying, "It's complicated."  Some people even pride themselves on being complicated and wear the description as a badge of honor.  In such cases I often wonder if what those complicated folk mean is that they are complex.  Being complex is something altogether different than being complicated.

Complexity connotes depth, richness, a harmony of elements and so on.  Think of a favorite dish or wine or song.  These very well may be described as complex.  They may also be incredibly simple.  That which is complicated takes on a whole other set of characteristics.  Situations and concepts that are complicated tend to be rife with tangled webs of disparate elements, running amok on needless tangents, often with their own agendas.  Complication bears little resemblance to harmony or unity... or peace.

Simplicity is available to us all here and now.  It doesn't matter what patterns of thinking we've adopted or what we've been taught.  We can all begin to embrace simplicity in our thoughts, words and deeds.  It may seem like effort at first.  But once we've gotten into the swing of it, we'll see how simple it was all along.  And as a result, we'll experience harmony, simply.

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