Thursday, June 6, 2013


Yesterday I had a falling out with a pair of people I care deeply about and have known for years.  This was completely unexpected, especially since throughout the course of these relationships we've experienced no real discord to speak of.  The silly specifics of the situation don't deserve repetition.  The main thing at this point is determining what to do now.

Have you ever been in similar straits?  Feeling misunderstood... maybe even maligned... having your motives and actions called into question... or worse yet, did you take the bait and react to any of it?  What can we do when relationships appear strained or even broken?

In truth, I'm not exactly sure what to do next in my current situation.  But I do know that pointing fingers and adding fuel to the accusatory fire will do no good.  It's said that there are two sides to every story... but that sets the parties in the relationship on opposing sides!  That is precisely the point of contention where I am going to pitch my battle.  These dear ones and I are not foes in a war of wills and hurt feelings and, dare I name it, egos.  We are people who care about each other and have allowed a meaningless miscommunication to steal our joy, peace and goodwill.

Well the buck stops here.  While things settle down I need not just sit around and wait for tempers to cool.  I can actively love all involved (including myself) and see each individual in the best light possible -- the way I saw each prior to the nonsense.  We truly are all on the same side.  And it's the side of love.

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