Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More than a Label

Designer clothing labels, nutritional labels, personality disorder acronym labels... profiling, stereotyping, judging, assuming, gossiping.... We are surrounded by labels as well as the incessant temptation to affix them to people, places and things.  This can be helpful if one is looking for a music genre... and downright life-saving if one has a food allergy.  But what good is done by attaching labels to ourselves or our fellow man?

I have long very blonde hair.  Do I think of myself as an airhead or bimbo?  Hardly.  My paramour spends most of his timing being of service to others and has (*gasp*) no day job.  Do I view him as a slacker?  Not remotely.  Many of the labels we superglue to one another may seem innocuous enough, but may actually be more insidious than we realize.

Nevermind Sam. That's just the way he is.  
You know Mom... 
Susan is such a ditz. 
Joe is so opinionated.  
Kyle's late again. 
Chris is always so impatient.  
Dear Lorraine means well. But she is just so disorganized.  
I'm fat.

Sound familiar?  It may not be easy—in fact it may take exhausting vigilance—but peeling the labels off of one another will do more to beautify and add value to mankind than the most exclusive designer accessory ever could.  And underneath those labels, we'll have the pleasure of seeing ourselves as we really are.  And nothing could be more attractive.

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