Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Transforming the commercial into the sacred

Valentine's Day is known as one of the most commercial, in-your-face, shallow, guilt-laden themed observances in America.  Lovers take exception to the idea of being told when and even how they should profess their love... and if they fail to do so, according to Hallmark's and Zale's mandates, clearly they care not a jot for their so-called sweetheart.

I have friends who dread the day and view it as a searing and bleak reminder of the dearth of love in their lives.  But to all lovers... and by that I mean all who express and feel that sweetest of sentiments -- ie love, affection, fondness, admiration and the like -- I say Valentine's Day can hold great promise and fulfillment.  

Just as I view Thanksgiving as a day set aside for the sole purpose of celebrating gratitude and acknowledging our many (and often overlooked) blessings, I view Valentine's Day as a celebration of love in all its forms, certainly not limited to that thrilling, but frequently fleeting and chimerical form of love known as romance.

And so I invite everyone who has someone whom they value and appreciate, be it a mate, pal, family member, co-worker, a pet, crush from a distance, the dutiful gardner, the cheerful barista, tireless nurse etc, to take pause on future Valentine's Days to let these dear ones know how much they are adored.  Doing so could make someone's day.  It could change someone's perspective. It could even save someone's life.

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