Monday, February 6, 2012

Saline Salubriousness

When I was in middle school, I had a surefire remedy for whatever ailed me, whether the malady was physical, mental or emotional.  It worked like a charm regardless of weather or circumstance.  I would go to the beach and dive in the ocean.  Even if it was winter and I had a nasty cold or the flu, this simple act produced healing results the same day.

Adherents of homeopathy have long extolled the health benefits of salt water within and without.... despite the pollution that sullies our seas.... though using the ocean as a trash dump is certainly nothing new.

Along the same lines, the expulsion of salt water is considered healthful as well.  We associate exercise and sweat with good health. We advocate sweating out a fever when we are ill.  We pamper ourselves with dry saunas and steam baths.  We even indulge ourselves in the occasional 'good cry.'  But I wonder if we truly realize the benefits of this latter activity.

The biggest and most long-standing challenge I ever faced is something I named 'the four years of tears.'  It was utter misery; a hell I often thought I would never emerge from.  More recently, I have gone through a few tearful days, laden with relationship-based sadness.

Tears are usually associated this sorrow and/or loss.  Funny thing is, I am most prone to weep when I find something to be beautiful or sweet.  And it wasn't till just a day or two ago that I realized how mistaken I have been by viewing the tears we cry during times of trial as representing woe and heartbreak.

It occurred to me that, like sea water and sweat, these salty drops are healthful as well.... that they indicate an inner cleansing... sometimes even a purging of that which no longer fits or benefits us.... purifying our hearts and souls for new and perhaps more salubrious joys, loves, relationships, and views of ourselves and others.

Next time I find myself in tears, I will be grateful... not only for the many blessings I have to enjoy daily, but for the tears themselves... those crystal clear cleansing gems that help us to dispense with the old and obsolete, and make way for the fresh and fabulous..... To me, that sounds like a very good cry indeed. 

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