Thursday, February 2, 2012

Once is enough.....

...because it's forever.

A sweetiepie of a friend recently asked me to share with him something that I've never told anyone.... I couldn't think of a thing... because
(1) I am not the secretive type, and
(2) over the course of the last year I have shared every deep, dark, weirdo secret I possess with the kindred spirit who knows me best... oh, but the goods he has on me!

I was very complimented that the first friend mentioned was interested enough to ask such a question, so I sincerely wanted to answer.  At last, while letting my mind wander in the shower (where I do most of my best thinking) the answer dawned on me.  There is only one thing that I have never told anyone.... because I had not realized it myself.  I have only been in love once.... meaning only once have I experienced the kind of love that is so unselfish and unconditional that in my estimation it deserves to be labeled with the greatest word in the universe.... love

At this realization I was tempted to think, "Yikes.. that sounds so pathetic... only being in love once in your whole life"... especially cuz I am not 'with' the person.  Then it dawned on me.... of course I've only been in love once... that's all any of us can ever be!  We're ALL in love... once... even if the face of that love appears to change with time and circumstance.

I've long crooned Bob Marley's refrain 'One Love' with the idea that there is indeed just one Love... just as there is only one Truth, one Beauty, one anything... and that these concepts... especially Love... are so immense and important that they are expressed and manifeested infinitely, and eternally.  And so it stands to reason, that this love I feel is also so big, so momentous, that it can't be contained within personal parameters... ie it can't be limited to just one person; else without that person I would be without love!

And so I am proud to say that I have only been in love once -- because I know that regardless of the package it comes in or face(s) it wears, it is a love that will last forever... and that it is all mine.

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