Sunday, January 1, 2012

Y'all packed?

.... What are you waiting for?
Let's go!
We have a whole year to visit!
Have you packed yet?

I made a packing list last night of the things I wanted to bring with me on this next leg of my life's adventure.  I noted tried and true keepers, items I've carried around for ages that have worn out their usefulness and are no longer needed, things that I had been dragging around most of my life that I never should have taken ownership of in the first place, and new things I wanted to have more of.

Of course I am not referring to physical items, but thoughts and qualities.  I have no interest in lugging around sorrow, stress, pain, heartbreak or lack.  And I am delighted to load on as much patience, joy, unconditional love, peace, self-worth and abundance as I can get ahold of.

This year looks to be pivotal for so many people in so many ways.  What will you bring with you into it and what do you expect to get from it?  Please come and join our little love circle on Facebook to share your inspiration and love.

Happy happy new year and new adventure to you!

totally joyously yours....

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