Sunday, January 8, 2012

Take the Curtain!

Nearly half a century ago a television show generated an unrivaled and rabid breed of contestants, all vying for the attention of host Monty Hall in order to be chosen to make a deal.  Here is the wiki description of the iconic Let's Make a Deal:
"In the simplest format, a trader is given a prize of medium value (such as a television set), and the host offers them the opportunity to trade for another prize. However, the offered prize is unknown. It might be concealed on the stage behind one of three curtains, or behind "boxes" onstage (large panels painted to look like boxes), within smaller boxes brought out to the audience, or occasionally in other formats. The initial prize given to the trader may also be concealed, such as in a box, wallet or purse, or the trader might be initially given a box or curtain. The format varies widely."

How often are we too offered opportunities with unknown and uncertain outcomes?  Should we choose the wrong door or path, we could get 'Zonked' like one of those disappointed contestants.  But if we choose wisely, we could find success and abundance.  So how to choose?  Do we opt for the traditional 'bird in the hand' wisdom?  Or perhaps go 'the grass is always greener' route? Is the result dependent upon luck?.... fate?.... precedent?.... our own devices?

I have found far more often that not that the absolute best conclusions have come about when I have trusted my intuition... that quiet, unassuming voice that speaks patiently and repeatedly until I heed it.  OK, sometimes it shouts.  Even so, in order to be able to tap into that inner inspiration or 'gut' feeling, we must cast aside all preconceptions and assumptions about potential outcomes... no matter how 'fact-based' those assumptions might be.  There is no way I ever would have chosen the business ventures I've enjoyed most had I not been quiet and listened.

So what is the voice within whispering to you today?  What is it telling you about the incredible opportunities awaiting you this year?  And what will you do with the inspiration that comes to you?  The choice is always yours, but be careful. Even the best 'intel' can get you zonked.  Your inner compass, however, will take you to amazing places you may have never even known existed... and that is a deal worth making!

expectantly yours...

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