Thursday, January 12, 2012

The little grey cells of a super sleuth

"One must seek the truth within--not without."
~Hercule Poirot
I don't know about you, but I am tickled by a good mystery.  Frumpy unassuming Columbo and Agatha Christie's meticulous egg-headed Poirot are among my favorite detectives.  To me, what makes for a great detective is attention to detail, and the patient determination to stick with the case until every last clue, no matter how trivial or minute, has been exposed and extrapolated.

Imagine the solutions we could discover in our own lives were we to apply some basic sleuthing skills to the issues and problems that perplex and vex us.  We must be vigilant if we hope to ferret out the needling but sometimes difficult to detect things that would dam up the free-flowing living we seek.

Having a moment of clarity or an epiphany is an elating feeling to be sure.  But once the truth has been discovered, a good detective does not just leave things there.  He makes sure his culprit is apprehended and brought to justice.  We must do the same.  It is not enough to just uncover hidden issues or unproductive ways of thinking that plague us.  They must not be allowed to run around our thought willy nilly.  They must be manacled and dealt with.  In essence, unhealthy thoughts or habits must not only be detected, they must also be rejected.

Then, we may settle in with a cup of comforting tea, knowing justice has been served and that another malefactor has been dispatched and will not be able to wreak any more havoc in our lives. 

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