Wednesday, January 11, 2012

LIGHT 24/7

I dubbed this blog and its accompanying Facebook group LOVE 24/7.  Not only do we all need love, but we need it at all times, and in a variety of ways.  More and more, I am learning the value and importance of constancy and consistency.

Yesterday, out of the blue, I posted these words as a Facebook update: "To the sun... there is no night..... ever".  I had no idea why I decided to post that, but it did get me pondering.  We tend to think of the good in our lives as being cyclical and fluctuating. The axiom 'It's always darkest before the dawn', while meant to cheer and bolster one who is going through a rough patch, still includes the concept that the sun's light is not constant in your life.  That things may be dark now but they are bound to get better.  

But what if you lived at the center of that sun?  Would you look out on a bleak canvas of blackness?  Or would you see your rays going out in every direction, lighting everything they touch, and doing so constantly... 24/7.  Now picture the same as it applies to the good and the love in your life.  Just because you may not see the sun or good or love for a time does not mean they are not there, nor does it mean they have dimmed or diminished.  

If your eyes are closed or you have ensconced yourself in a dark closet you may not be able to see the sun, let alone the wonderful things it is illuminating all around you.  But the fortunate news is, it is all still there.  You only need to get out of that closet or open your eyes.

The sun is there.
The good is there.
The love is there

with light and love.....

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