Monday, January 2, 2012

The Greatest Escape

A friend and I were chatting on Facebook yesterday.  He had several days off from work (unheard of for him) and after some contemplation, he came up with the following assessment of his present lifestyle:
What are my "escapes"?
  • food/cuisine/cooking
  • travel and exploration
  • creating art
  • reading
  • the one thing I'm missing most is pampering apparently

My heart went out to him.... not because he wasn't getting the pampering he feels he is in need or want of.... but because of the whole concept of needing 'escapes'.  I was tempted to ask what it is exactly that he desires to escape 'from', but thought better of it, considering it would most likely come off as insensitive or non-understanding.... though I truly did want to know!

My heart goes out to anyone who seeks ways to escape his life.  I have been there myself.... but not in a very long time.  I am self-employed and choose to work more than twice the number of hours that most people deem normal and acceptable.  Routinely, someone will advise I get a massage or soak in a jacuzzi in order to relieve stress.... 'What stress?' I respond.

Each day I am learning more and more that our attitude, well-being and 'reality' has little to do with our circumstances and everything to do with our perspective. It takes some mental elbow grease and a ton of discipline, but when we wrangle with and overcome the incessant temptations to bemoan our plight of the moment, we empower not only ourselves but the good in our lives.

I am finding stress is in the eye of the beholder.  And so I choose to escape to reality... to the very real beauty and wonder offered to me in countless ways each day by every connection I make, each inspiring idea I am exposed to, and each opportunity I have to see loveliness, grace and kindness all around me.

Won't you join me in a stress-free escape to reality?  The water is perfect... and the view is even better. 

joyously yours...

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