Thursday, January 19, 2012

Expect the unexpected... and expect it to be wonderful

Yesterday I had somewhat of a tough day.... actually a tough birthday.... I didn't hear a well-wishing peep from those I expected to hear from immediately.  One ended up texting me later to ask what I was up to. I mentioned it was my birthday and the only words I got in response were an apprisal of the unseasonably cold weather conditions in his neck of the country.

Then the person who had invited me out for dinner materialized hours later than expected.... with a to-go box.... containing my dinner ...... though I'd long since eaten.  He then darted off to go 'kick it' with his girlfriend whom he'd spent the better part of the day with.  Evidently he had a to-go order to deliver to her as well.

Add to that the fact that I could not take myself out to do anything celebratory since i am due a great deal of backpay, the bulk of which I was promised I would receive yesterday..... Put it all together and it was easy to fall into the pouty poor poor pitiful me syndrome... which I did... despite knowing better.

And then....... then......
I got a text
from a friend in India of all places
wishing me a beautiful birthday.
A friend who I had no idea knew when my birthday was and whom I've been missing for quite awhile.

And then......
I was chatting with a friend on Facebook... when the birthday came up ... when he sent this reply, "Sorry I can't be there to spoil you".... I've never had anyone say anything like that to me before.  It floored me.  I have said that to a few people... and meant it... but to be on the receiving end was very humbling.

And then....
if that wasn't enough,
I received this message from a a friend I'd only recently been getting to know "You're remarkable, funny, brilliant and beyond beautiful. Beyond beyond! Happy Birthday, Joy!!!  So happy to know fabulous you!"

And then....
I realized how fortunate I was... how the love I craved was there... I had just been looking in the wrong places, and wanting it from the wrong people.

And now....
I am a little bit wiser than I was earlier in the week... when I was younger :)
and I am grateful for the gifts of grace and kindness I received for my birthday -- gifts that will remain with me and mean more to me longer than any boxed item ever could, no matter how pretty the wrapping.

gratefully yours...

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