Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Censuring Censoring

The SOPA censorship piece of legislation which looks to threaten the free exchange of internet  information has given me pause.  I literally 'live' online.  And I have often quipped that the internet was created just for me.  I use it.  I love it.  I appreciate it. 

And the idea of not being able to get what I want when I want from wherever I want is not a prospect I relish.  But above and beyond any so-called Big Brother politics, I started thinking about the whole concept of censorship... and how and when it applies.

Turns out I intend to do a great deal of it myself.... within my own thought.  I realized that far too often I allow unhealthy and perhaps even inaccurate ideas to enjoy free reign in my consciousness. These should be censored.  Thoughts that would cause me to harbor unfounded ill-will towards my fellow man or myself must not be tolerated, lest they breed and wreak havoc on my personal relationships and business dealings.

So I intend to be responsibly vigilant and alert to that which would seek to undermine my reason and wellbeing.  I owe it to myself and everyone I know. Perhaps if more of us did the same there would be less call for outside intervention?

with wishes for a clear conscience...

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