Friday, January 20, 2012

Can it get any worse?

How often have we asked that same question in reference to our lives, only to have a friend retort, "Don't ask that.  The minute you do, things always get worse!"
As responsible adults we care deeply about the safety, well-being, security and futures of ourselves and loved ones. That is what makes us worth our salt as humans.  Unfortunately, because of economic factors and health issues, many of us spend an inordinate amount of time fretting... ruminating... worrying... fretting some more... it can be a never-ending cycle.

But what exactly is it we are so afraid of?
Lack of funds?  
What if you actually lost your home?
Or worse yet, 
what if you lost all your money?
What if you lost all of your possessions... everything you'd ever owned?

To which, I further ask, 
Do any of those things define you?

What's the worst case scenario... absolute worst case?
That you have nowhere to live?
I heard an interview with a homeless shelter worker who said that 'most' of those in the shelter actually had friends or family they could stay with... but for whatever reason, they chose not to.
Are you completely without any options as to where to live?
Are you utterly incapable of earning an income, even at the minimum wage level?
Do you REALLY foresee this as your permanent future?

If so, then you have some planning and problem-solving to do; otherwise you will have some challenging, uncomfortable hungry nights ahead. But... if on the other hand... you are not facing homeless foodless life on the streets, then your constant ruminating and fretting is doing you no good.  In fact, it is most likely stealing the joy of the moments you devote to worry.

Most of us say that what we most want out of life is 'to be happy.'  Given that fretting does not make us happy, perhaps that is where we should pitch our battle.  Once we have gotten down to the brass tacks of what happiness is all about, by the time we realize that fine 'things', while pleasant, do not actually bring lasting happiness... by that time we will realize we are already happy and not care a jot for all of the trappings we used to spend so much time being concerned about not having.


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