Sunday, January 15, 2012

Brava, she sang!

They say it's never over till the starvation-challenged female sings... that's me trying to be p.c. here.

The other day I wrote about receiving my first 'hate' post on my new business' Facebook page.  I mentioned how I had forgiven the perpetrator and her follower, and how I felt about the whole thing.  I was glad to put it behind me.....

.... And then she posted again.

Even though I was in no way angry with the young lady in question, I still was shaken by the situation... literally.  My fingers were trembling as I typed for hours thereafter.  I sat for a moment and thought about how to handle this latest situation.  I had merely deleted the initial untoward post, but clearly that did nothing to stop the problem from happening again.

This time I decided to write to both the girl in question as well as her concurrer. The primarily poster and I ended up writing back and forth to the tune of perhaps a dozen entries total.  I opted not to chew her out in any way, but tried to approach her in a friendly manner from a place of kindness and compassion, with appreciation for her concerns.  

At first she maintained her righteous indignation.... but at length.... she agreed to put the kibosh on the vindictive page posts.  I even invited her to come to one of my business' events as my guest, as well as to feel free to stay in contact!  And while I would be very surprised if she ever did contact me again, I can say with all sincerity that I was grateful not only for the experience and its resolution, but for making a new contact with a girl who is obviously very passionate about her beliefs.

Most of all, I was delighted to have the opportunity to see the power of love in action.

Defamatory disclaimer: Should there be any confusion, the dear one in question is NOT a 'fat lady'... that's just an expression. She, on the other hand. is a svelte and attractive girl.

joyously yours...

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