Thursday, December 8, 2011

wiki words on what you're going through

We have all said it...

"I've been going through" this or that.... going through a really hard time... going through a breakup.... going through a dry spell.... going through my husband's pockets looking for change (ba duma cha).

All levity aside, the phrase "going through" generally refers to something challenging, unpleasant, or downright painful.

But here's the good news... whatever you are going through, you will come out on the other side.
That's right!
You are going THROUGH it... not stuck IN it.
And when you do come out of the experience you will find you have jet-propelled yourself along your path of becoming the person you have always dreamt.

Very often the blessing and grace from an untoward circumstance is evidenced by our being spared the experience.  Sometimes it is the exact opposite.  Sometimes we learn much more and feel even greater grace when we actually do go through whatever experience we are fearing or dreading... from losing our home to surviving divorce.

Storms come our way every now and then. They are inevitable in this world. So when the winds begin to howl, the windows begin to rattle and you feel the roof is about to fly off and take you with it, just hold tight.  Stay grounded and hang on to your faith and your innate sense of good.  Hold onto the tender hand of Love that is caring for you. And soon you will find that the storm has passed.  The problem has been washed away.  And suddenly the world looks fresher, more colorful, and more beautiful than you'd ever noticed before.


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