Saturday, December 17, 2011

Disentangling Confusion

Confusion --
it's just like tangled Christmas lights.
Despite your best attempts to put them away neatly the year before,
when you go back to use them they are usually a big ole tangly mess.

It makes no sense and it's lousy,
but that's the way it is.
So what to do when confronted with an unruly tangle?
Where do you start?

If you can locate and get to the plug end, it is a swell starting point, one that is delineated and logical, that will help you plod your way down the line of the strand till you come to the end.

But what if things are such a mess that you can't identify an actual starting point?
It doesn't really matter;
because no matter WHERE you start, you still must start with one small section and work your way from there --
detangling, separating, easing the strand
bit by bit
patiently and without stressing.
Because impatience and stress will NOT help the process and only make things worse.

If you become frustrated, anxious, rushed or irritable all sorts of things can go wrong that will drag out the process even further.

If you pull the strand too hard it will tighten the tangle .... [what a metaphor for pushing the loved ones in our lives... If we push too hard they often dig in their heels, clam up or shut down.]

If you become impatient with your twinklers to the point of rashness, you could pull the strand so hard that you damage or destroy the very lights you wish to see cheerily glowing and winking at you.

Tangled Christmas Light Cupcakes!
To get the result you most desire you must take a gentler, calmer approach.  You must simply massage, nudge and guide each little part of the strand till it is free from its constraints, the problems and messes that are holding it back, and before you know it.... voila!
The entire strand is untangled and free, ready to be used to turn something magically aglow.

And once those lights are up and shining, you will have forgotten all about the ten to twenty minutes of nonsense you invested in getting them into working order, and can spend the rest of the holiday season enjoying all the beauty and pleasure they give you. 

zenfully, joyfully yours...

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