Friday, December 23, 2011

When it's okay to regift

Not sure what to give your loved ones this year?
Especially those who have every 'thing'.
We all want to offer presents that are unique, fresh, inspiring and magical..... and frankly, ones we can afford.
So how about regifting?
........... Do I sense furrows and frowns at the thought?

What if I told you could give everyone on your list gifts they would carry with them every day, gifts that would cause the recipients to silently thank you every time every time they enjoyed your gifts... gifts that would enrich their lives for years to come... gifts they would never need to dust!

Imagine being able to actually give out things like creativity, love, kindness, warmth, humor, friendship.  Who wouldn't love to receive those?

The best news is these are gifts you already have in your possession.  We've all been born with gifts that are particular to us in the way they are expressed: our soulfullness, beauty, talent, intelligence, thoughtfulness and so on.  These are gifts too precious and desirable not to share.  In fact, it would be just plain selfish to hoard them!

The people in your world truly wish for what you have to offer.  Ask them, and I think you'll find that many will say, all they want for Christmas...
is YOU!

joyfully, gratefully yours...

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