Friday, December 30, 2011

The Ultimate Mulligan

A common theme this time of year is starting over, with a clean slate. And I for one have no problem embracing this potentially cliche concept. In golf, a do-over is called a mulligan, a second chance for the player to try the same shot again, hopefully with far superior results. The best part is, the golfer's previously botched attempt is not recorded as part of his score.

Very often we think of a second chance or new year as picking up right where we left off, with the opportunity of successful moves from here on out.  The only catch is that we still have to deal with all that preceded our current situation.

But what if you could hit the reset button on your life and not just undo your last mistake, but wipe out all the mistakes you've had to work around to get to where you are now?  I don't mean erasing your entire existence, but think about when you reboot your computer.  It doesn't obliterate everything on it.  You don't lose your documents, images or projects you'd worked so hard on.  You merely get to start over with a clutter-free desktop, with programs humming along unfettered by sluggish performance do to things caught in your cache, or open windows & issues clogging up your memory.

A synonym for 'reset' is 'restart' -- literally to begin again.  And that is what New Year's suggests -- an opportunity to start over from a place of pristine, wide-open perfection.  What better holiday gift could one receive?

So let's give that to ourselves -- the grace and space to restart anew.  Come and share your inspiration and success with us on Facebook at LOVE 24/7.  You'll find you're always welcome... and loved ❤

renewedly yours,

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