Friday, December 2, 2011

This above all...

[to my friend.... on being 'your true authentic self']

As previously mentioned, I've never tried to 'change' myself or 'behave' so as to fit in or get others to like me.  This being 'true to yourself' thing has gotten me into plenty of trouble over the years, i can tell you... We've talked before about how my mom wasn't too keen on me... well this is EXACTLY why.  She would always complain, "You try so hard to be different!"  I actually NEVER tried to be different.  I just found it imperative throughout my life, to be ME.  It felt really important to stay true to myself.  And that has not always been easy for others to accept.

I think you know that something in you has been crying out and struggling to free itself.
Only you know precisely who or what that is.
You flirt with this.
You dabble and toy with it.
You even go so far as to step out and 'cheat' on your everyday persona in your search for the 'real' you.

Your search has taken you to many many places and people
and it's been great;
but it will never get you the answer you are desperate for
because that fun-loving travelling troubadour is not the real you.
It's just another costume
yet another persona.

You already know where to look.
Of course, the answer is to look within.
The life you want does not involve a large number of other people or experiences.
It involves just one.
And that one is you.
The kind of man you've always wanted to be, you can be TODAY!
You don't have to wait for anything to change in your life.
You want to be a successful business man and leader? Act like one today!
You want to be an honest faithful satisfied husband? Act like one today!
You want to be an enlightened, wise, inspiring citizen of the universe! Act like one today!
... all the while knowing that it is NOT an act;
Rather it is an accepting and allowing of your true self's expression.

I've told you oodles of times, and will most likely tell you a bajillion times more.... you are so beautiful and innocent and pure.
You have never lost your innocence or purity.
No circumstance ever robbed them from you 
or could ever do so.

No so-called mistakes can sully those qualities.
So go spend some time with this real you,
the one you don't fully believe in,
the one you find more fictitious than Santa or the bunny,
the one who you think was lost early on and.... how do I say this.... it's like if a young girl gets raped and then becomes a huge slut because hey, why not, she's lost her virginity anyway and there is no getting it back, so she goes the opposite way,
that sort of thing.
You never lost your purity.
You can't lose it now.
You've done nothing wrong.
You never lost your purity.

You've done nothing wrong.
You've never lost your purity.

Are we getting the hint here, love?

I know you feel far too busy to think about any of this with the demands of work and life during the holiday season,
but it doesn't take time for inspiration to strike.

It just takes a willingness to accept the truth about yourself and expel the lies... the lies can be verrrrrrrrrrry persistent, by the way.

As the master of all wordsmiths gave utterance through Polonius,"This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man."

Just be you sweetheart, and you wil bless, not injure, everyone in your world.

joyfully yours...

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