Friday, December 16, 2011

Sometimes Familiarity is the Spice of Life

Traditional Advent Calendar
We all know the claims made on behalf of variety -
how it is necessary to keep things zippy and flavorful.
Sometimes this is spot on.
There is nothing like a full-bodied blend of complementary elements, whether in a recipe or a symphony.

We've all also heard how familiarity is supposed to breed contempt.
Well to that I offer a hearty humbug!
Familiarity should breed comfort!

Think of many of the things you love most,
the things you may put in the 'simple things' column on your list of joys.
Do you ever tire of smiles from your children?
Hugs from loved ones?
Pretty Flowers?
A perfect steamy foam-topped cuppa freshly ground jo on a cold morning?

Do you love strolling down memory lane with school chums, recounting 'that time when'?
Do you look forward to your family's quirky traditions during the holidays?

I am listening to Christmas music nearly exclusively this month.... well at least until Dec 25th - then I will overdose on Strauss waltzes and Die Fledermaus until New Year's.  This is part of my annual holiday ritual... along with watching a variety of holiday movies, culminating with the Albert Finney musical Scrooge on Christmas morning.... which invariably incites tears and pledges to do better on my part.

Traditions and familiarity bring us comfort and joy.
If we find them dull, boring, or disdainful, perhaps it is our attitudes that need to change, not our circumstances or relationships.

And with that I think I will go pour a chilled glass of my favorite egg nog....

holiday cheer

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