Monday, December 19, 2011

Simultaneous Wow... NOW

The other day I wrote about that sweet viral occurrence known as the ripple effect.
Today I am thinking there is an even greater, lovelier, more powerful effect -- that of simultaneous good.

I was enjoying the proverbial 'reason for the season' by watching a touching video account of what things would've been like If Mary and Joseph Used Facebook.

It includes 'likes', the creation of groups, totally believable reactions from faux friends, geo-tracking... all the latest and greatest FB has to offer.  While going with the flow of the video I was momentarily arrested by an entry about the famous shepherds that were quietly going about their business in the hills nearby.  Joseph wrote "Some shepherds just showed up"... and then:

The idea that "they already knew" was what got me.
HOW did they know?
How could they know?

If we go with the idea of the ripple effect then someone must have witnessed or heard about Jesus' birth first-hand and told someone else who told someone else until the news traveled along a line of communication to the shepherds.  But this was not the case.  They got the message, the "good news" straight from the source, from the Divine Love that was there on the scene orchestrating the entire event and keeping the babe safe from the bustling environment of the "inn" that Joseph and Mary were turned away from.

I realized this kind of cause and effect has great implications when it comes to our lives and economy.  Elementary economic theory indicates that their is a trickle down effect when money stops flowing somewhere.  If your boss does not pay you, you can't pay your gardener who can't pay his plumber who can't pay his babysitter who can't pay her bills.... a downward spiral scenario we are confronted with daily.

But what if we are not dependent on others who are dependent on others?  What if we get our information and news straight from the source and are dependent only on the report that comes to us from Divine Love?

When our thought is open and calm, free from the clamor of society's distractions... as was the shepherds'.... then we can tune in and hear the angel's song assuring us of glory, peace on earth and goodwill toward men.... and we can start living out from that premise, that standpoint of good news, and expect peace of mind and goodwill toward us.  And soon, every day can feel like Christmas.

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