Monday, December 26, 2011

Pulling No Punches

Happy Boxing Day!
This UK-based holiday, traditionally recognized as a day to give a Christmas box of goodies to tradesmen, has become a symbol for many things:

  • for giving to the poor
  • for banks to close their doors 
  • for churches to collect and dispense alms
  • even boxing up leftovers to share with others
  • and boxing up things that are no longer needed in order to give them to charity in the spirit of end-of-the-year clean-out
What a wonderful metaphor Boxing Day provides, not only for sharing our abundance, but dispensing with that which no longer serves or benefits us.  The same can be done with what we have been storing in our hearts and minds.

What ideas and attitudes are we holding onto that no longer fit us?
What emotional hurts are we clinging to, though doing so does us absolutely no good?
What unhealthy, dismal views of ourselves are we mesmerized by and buying hook, line and sinker even though those closest to us tell us we are flat out wrong?

My new Boxing Day tradition - starting today - is to give the old one-two punch to all the nonsense that tries to pose as my life and identity.  I am not just a list of statistics!  Nor am I merely a chronicle of past activities, successes and so-called failures or mistakes.  I am a person with a purpose and great capacity for love and joy.  And I am determined to k.o. anything that tries to suggest otherwise!

So watch out Grinch-like thinking... you're goin' down for the count!

putting on the gloves... with joy xo

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