Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pourquoi Moi?

Admit it.
No matter how well-adjusted and happy you are, there has been a time when you have asked it,
"Why me?"
Why are you the one going through such intense, seemingly unwarranted challenges?
What have you done to deserve such maltreatment?
You go through the list of your infractions and determine this punishment in no way fits your crimes.

Perhaps you would expect my response to be a comforting arm around your shoulder, reassuring you that you have done nothing wrong.  You don't have bad karma.  You don't deserve such ickiness.  It's a crying shame is what it is, and not fair at all.  Then again, life is not fair.

Well think again.  
I'll give you the comforting arm around your shoulder.
I'll also give you my opinion that you have done nothing wrong.
There's not a thing wrong with your karma.
But in response to your query, "Why me?" I can only answer, "Why not you?"
Why should you be deprived the gift of grace that comes from extreme challenges?
Why should you be withheld the lessons that come from facing and overcoming adversity?

I have been through some life situations that the world considers truly tragic, unfair, crushing, and damaging in a lasting way.  There have been plenty of times I thought I could not go on, nor did I wish to.  But weathering these huge storms and coming out into the light, where the air is purified and the rainbow serves as promise of life's abundance and beauty, has taught me that what I thought were debilitating 'why me' experiences were really gifts of immense growth.

Our circumstances yield, some time, in some way. No matter how long it takes or how hard we have to work at it. But the lessons we learn, the love and understanding and peace we gain from the tough times lasts the rest of our lives. And we come to realize the storms have not hurt us -- they couldn't; they have strengthened us, and moved us just a little farther along on the road to becoming who we've always wanted to be.

So, "Why you?" 
Because you deserve it. You deserve the best.
Because you're loved.

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