Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Hero..... me!

"Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.
So begins chapter 1 of my favorite book, David Copperfield

A friend touched on the idea of our past.... and how tough it can be to deal with since we can't change it.

Ahhhhhhhhh but we CAN!

As discussed before, our past does not define us.
it doesn't mean we can change the zany or awful antidotes or specifics of what has transpired,
but we can change their effects, 

which is even better!

When we grow and evolve we often find ourselves no longer relating to ways of thinking that used to seem to be such a major part of us.
As a result, they are no longer part of our lives... nor are their effects
The statistics of my life show that I was abused;
but I NEVER ever see myself that way nor can I fit into that mindset anymore.
So while that may be something someone can point to on my 'timeline'
it is like telling a story about someone else
because it has no hold on me.
It is no part of me.
It does not own me
and frankly I don't own it.
It is just a story
about the world and life I have experienced.
It is not really fact.

The facts are that I am loved and strong and have felt the rescuing and redeeming touch of grace.

The changing landscapes of events really don't matter that much.
They're just human circumstances -- the test kitchens where we get to work on our character... 
and character is what lasts, not the circumstances.

No doubt, you are incredibly busy this season

but while you're driving
or folding laundry
whenever you have a moment to think
please let me know what you are learning,
what profound gracious truths you are understanding and espousing
how your soul is singing

Do you have any idea how deeply i care about your well-being?


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