Thursday, December 15, 2011

Minion Steps

I have a minion!
And I am beaming with pride today, as he has just taken his first bonafide step on his spiritually-mentored path.

Nearly a year and a half ago I volunteered to help out anyone in need of spiritual support.  I had just come off of my personal Mt. Everest of challenges and wanted to be of service to another.  A dear person put out a request for some assistance, and had a quirky set of qualities he wanted in a person he was going to engage in this sort of relationship with.... he got stuck with me!

So now it is my job to show him the spiritual ropes, so to speak, and we have been getting to know each other ever since first connecting in 2010.  You would think a mentor would be the paragon of patience, but instead I have been itching to get started with him, and have had something of a "C'mon, c'mon, let's get going" attitude... not cool of me.  Everyone goes at his own pace and just because someone does not rocket off the starting blocks doesn't mean he won't finish strong.

So here we are... well over a year later....
During this time we have had the sweet opportunity of learning a lot about each other ... finding what makes one another tick, and building a beautiful foundation of trust.

And I am finding out there is much more to this relationship than I would have thought!
I figured I would just wax omniscient now and again, dispensing clever and sage truisms, and that he would nod in wide-eyed wonder.

Turns out the whole thing is a work in progress, for us both!
I have blown it several times, lost my cool, and taken things too personally.
In fact, on more than one occasion I have tried to bail on the whole thing!
Cuz it has sometimes seemed too hard and forced me out my comfort zone.... sheesh... so much for the girl who conquered a mountain of challenges.
He has tried to ditch out a few times too.... and yet we have not only outlasted the 'courtship' phase, but yesterday... with no cajoling from me I might add..... he finally committed to making a move and took his first steps with me on our adventure together.

I am so incredibly grateful to get to watch this amazing man grow and become the HE he was always meant to be.  And I am learning far more than I am teaching in the process.

So to my adorable mighty minion, I simply say Huzzah and Bon Voyage.... and thanks for taking me along for the ride.... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

everso joyously 

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