Monday, December 12, 2011

Make Monday Mmmday

Mondays get a bad rap.
They are most often treated as the pariah of the week,
the unwanted step-child.

I don't get it
They are the greatest days ever!
They signal a new beginning, a fresh start, and a manageable one at that.

You get a new beginning each day too, but blink and you've missed it!

Each month brings the opportunity to start anew, but sometimes a month feels so heavy, big and ponderous.

And the whole new year thing can be downright depressing for many, if they look back despairingly at all the goals and dreams and plans and resolutions that stalled or perished during the year just completed.

But a week.... a week :)
It is 7 days, the number symbolizing completeness
and so it is an opportunity to have a complete and completely wonderful experience.

No need to fret what lays ahead of you or dread the ensuing hours till 5pm Friday.  Each day is a gift -- especially Monday.  So why not make the most of this wonderful day, this start of something new, this chance to love and be loved.

Happy Mmmday!

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