Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Magic Kingdom.... within

Walmart is generally recognized as the grand-daddy of super stores.
You can get everything there
at any time of day or night..... at least at the ones open 24/7
and you can get it all at rock bottom prices.

On the more magical side, a similar one-stop-shopping experience can be had at Disneyland.
With a variety of theme lands within the park at large you can visit the Wild West, the realm of fantasy, and even the world of tomorrow, all within the space of a few hours.  You can nosh on burgers and fries or fine dining fare, go dancing, shopping, zip around on theme rides, watch a parade, or just sit and admire lovingly manicured landscaping.

What if you could find the same sort of experience for your soul?  What if there was a single source for everything you desired... for peace, joy, love, fulfillment, wisdom, and so on...
Well there is.
And the good news is you don't have to wade through traffic to get there or jockey for a parking spot once you've arrived.  You don't have to hitch a trailer to your car to take it with you, and you can never misplace it or be robbed of it.
Because it is in you.
It IS you.

Few of us realize how perfectly equipped we were made to handle anything and everything life might throw at us, and to do so with decisiveness, grace and sure success.  We all possess untapped wells of understanding love and strength beyond our reckoning.  Like just about every other worthwhile pursuit, the cultivation of one's character takes diligent, consistent, undiscouraged effort.  But take heart, these spiritual workouts always bear results and it is impossible to backslide or unlearn any valuable lesson you've mastered.

So as we enter the heart of the holidays this week, instead of looking for the good we desire under the tree or even under the mistletoe, why not start by looking within.  I think you will be delighted to find that all the love, happiness, beauty, confidence and success you've ever wanted have always been inside of you... and always will be.  Good comes from within... to be shared and expressed without.  Enjoy sharing yours <3

joy to the worldly yours,

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