Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Good Salad Gone Bad

I hate to waste food.
I find it physically painful to do so.
So I make a concerted effort to gobble up the stuff in the fridge that is making its way to the spoil zone.... even if it I am not really in the mood for it.

I am always very satisfied at having done so, knowing that I had a good meal and kept food from going bad and being discarded needlessly.
During the holidays we tend to be offered all sorts of comestible treats, which can lead to neglect of the perishables we've purchased that are waiting patiently in the ice box.

Today I pulled a regular favorite Trader Joe's salad from the fridge, and thought it looked a bit tired. But true to my creed, I tucked in, undaunted by the first signs of pekidness.
This act turned out to be utter folly.
A certain sector was slimy and gross.
But there I sat, grimacing with each bite.

Finally it dawned on me.... why?
Why was I doing this to myself?
It made no difference to the salad ingredients
or to the staff at Trader Joe's.
So why would I put myself through that?

Emboldened and full of love and respect for myself, I snapped closed the salad container and summarily tossed it in the dust bin.  And then I took it a further step by drowning out the all-too-vivid memory of slimy veggies with a goodly dose of freshly homemade chocolate truffle cookie dough... using Trader Joe's cocoa truffles no less.

I found the entire experience to be a sweet little lesson on valuing ourselves and realizing that we deserve nothing but the best, and should settle for nothing less.  I look forward to being more alert to this mentality each day, and to viewing others as deserving of only the best, as well.

wishing you a delicious week,

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