Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Gift Tray

Yesterday on my Facebook page I asked friends what I should blog about today. My classy, gracious, and obscenely talented friend Mary Corinne offered this:

"I believe we are born with a tray of gifts. These are the things we do well and enjoy. Never look on someone else's tray and try to BE them by employing those gifts. To be happy is to explore your whole tray and spend your life honing each gift. I have small love to iron, sew, wash clothes, mop floors, weed, organize all the stuff around me, smile, laugh..."

After getting to know her a bit, I can tell you, even the smallest of her many gifts is a treasure. 

How wonderful and heartening to know, I mean truly KNOW that EACH one of us comes with our very own individual tray of gifts.  We all have a different assortment.  Even those we have in common, such as humor, are still unique in the way we express them.  Perhaps the best parts about these gifts are the facts that we all get to share and enjoy each others!  I was agog to learn that someone as creative as Mary Corinne loves to iron and mop floors and I immediately sent out a huge shout of gratitude to the heavens for everyone who loves to do those things.... I don't think I've worn well-pressed clothes since living under my mom's roof. Fortunately, I have a dog on which I conveniently blame my slovenly appearance.

But you know, there are things that I enjoy that others find tedious.  I used to write html code as a way to wind down and relax after work; and with that gift have been able to build a number of websites for friends.

This time of year is a perfect opportunity to recognize and be thankful for the gifts that make us US -- and to strive to hone and share them to a greater degree with each passing day and year.  You have so much to offer.  You are such a gift.

joyously yours...

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