Saturday, November 26, 2011


on fitness and amazing opportunities falling into my friend's lap:

"The primary temptation in such a scenario is to kick back and see what happens
to let the interested parties duke it out and try to compete for your favor
This you must NOT do
You are no longer in 'float through life' mode
You must embrace the warrior and champion within you and begin to attack life with great gusto and wonder
not just enjoy the ride.

To be the king of your life, the leader of the company, the catalyst for change in the world, you absolutely must take firm control of your life... not just your schedule and 'goals'.
I mean take control from within.
Mental & emotional fitness are for more important, beneficial and long-lasting than physical fitness.... and they usually have the side effect of spurring greater physical fitness anyway... So that's a nice added bonus.

As for the delicious opportunities that lay before you, your choice in this matter will have a HUGE impact on your ability to realize your goals, both personal and professional.
You cannot afford to use your previous methods of decision making.
No weighing pros and cons
None of that sort of thing.

Now stop all you are doing this very instant and focus on what i am telling you:
The path you seek, the one that will ultimately bring you the greatest bliss, has NOTHING to do with having a COMFORTABLE life.... and it has nothing to do with what the median of humanity tells you is important.

You are at a major crossroads.
Your opportunities for growth and grace can not be overstated.
Choose what will best promote your growth.
Choose things, goals, experiences and people that challenge you.
I don't mean ones that try your patience --
I mean the ones that get you to stretch.

You and i joked awhile back about how guys say "you make me want to be a better man".
As cliche as it sounds, that is EXACTLY what you SHOULD want, what everyone should want -- 
people and situations that make you want to do and be better, kinder, purer, deeper, more real, more loving.

- your job
- your life mate
- your goals (those are stepping stones and waymarks)
- your dreams (these are your unfolding reality)
- your contribution to humanity
- your path to enlightenment

What will you choose?
What will you do once you've chosen?
How much does your life and success mean to you?

You notice i did not mention family or finances or fitness.... cuz all of those will be beautifully taken care when you get these other things sorted out

I know i am calling you on the carpet here.
Frankly, i love you far too much to do otherwise.

This is who you are.
Anything less is not you."

joyfully yours...

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