Saturday, November 26, 2011

Why try to manage that which doesn't actually exist?

I was reading a tome from a very wise blogger whom I adore.  He was talking about the importance of being organized, especially when it comes to your time and schedule.  He is a deep spiritual thinker and made some very logical statements about time management... 

And yet this was my response when asked about it:

"This is the first of his missives i have disagreed with, and yes i will tell you why.... simply because there is no time!!!!!
Why bother wasting your 'time' on controlling something that doesn't even exist?

Example -
There is a good chance I am the best planner on earth... I have color-coded spreadsheets up the wazoo and can schedule and maximize like no one's business.
that is not good enough
That is human manipulation.
It is not going with the flow of the Universe.... it is PUSHING.

So............. a few years ago, instead of starting my day by consulting and fine-tuning my gorgeous ToDo list, I changed my M.O.... and have ever since.

Sure there are things i plan to do and HAVE TO get done.... but here is how I start my day now.
I talk to the Universe.... which I do A LOT, not just once a day, but throughout the day, and more important.... I LISTEN to what the universe is telling me.
It is a skill I've had to work on, but now I generally get immediate responses.

At the start of the day I basically make a mental note of the things that are vital to get done... and then i give myself to the universe, saying "YOU tell ME what my day should look like.  You know what is a true priority and how my actions fit into the grand scheme of things.  I don't care if stuff goes my way, I want it to go the right way."

I can't even count how many times I didn't get to do most of what i wanted because something else came up.... sometimes it is a sneaky something that tries to derail us from our great purpose, like getting a flat tire or having the water heater go out.
But other times..... and this is what I think most of us miss.... other times, we are delayed or taken off schedule by someone in need.... a friend who calls up crying, a stranger whose car has broken down, a family member who needs a 'time'-consuming favor.

In those instances we do what is most important.... we give up our own plans to help and LOVE the other person.
We go home thinking 'oh shoot' I didn't get such and such done
but that is far too limited a view!
The truth is we did what mattered most.
We validated another's existence with love while strengthening our own character and making us long-term happier in the process... talk about efficient productive multi-tasking!
And believe me... the other 'stuff' on our list will eventually get done.... it always does... even if it literally takes years

So don't fret time
Embrace moments

joyfully yours...

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