Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Unconditional Paradox

[today's letter to a friend]

I love you

The harmless 'Sting' of love
Those were the first words that came to mind when i started to think what to write to you this morning.

I want to briefly describe unconditional love as I see it today.
it's a paradoxical double-edged sword in so much as it can cut through all the nonsense coming and going, from every angle;
but it can never injure, butcher or mutilate.
It can only cleanse and heal.

To me, when I say I love you unconditionally, it means that my love for you is not predicated on your actions or choices... I love you because you exist!

That sounds nice and all, but at the same time may not make you feel all that special, because using that line of 'unconditional' reasoning, you could be a cold-hearted, lazy, mean-spirited slug and I would still love you... well, I guess so!

But here is the glistening beauty of our non-sword's other edge,
the proverbially delicious icing on the cake, cherry topping the works:
in addition to the lack of conditions, I also love and admire several things about you, separate from my unwavering loyalty toward you.

So then yes, I do in fact love you merely because you exist
and you exist and were created to be an enormous blessing to this world.
I also love the many ways in which you share your blessedness... the particular aspects of your character i find loveliest. 

Those traits are not the reason I love you.
They are just things I love about you, your warmth, passion, compassion, sweetness, generosity of spirit, etc.
It is the unconditional aspect that enables me to love you no matter what traits you are displaying at any given moment.

You logically understand the breadth of my love for you.
You frankly can't fathom the depth of my love for you.
And you teeter on incredulity when it comes to the whole thing
just cuz it's so darn foreign to you.

So for today, just treat it like any law of physics.
You may not be able to see gravity or really know the ins and outs of how it works, but you know for a fact that it is a law of nature, that never falters, and that you can count on without exception.

Please let this sink in today, and let me know what unconditional love is revealing to you.  No answer is trivial... and neither are you!


Please feel free to share with someone YOU love, who could use an unconditional reminder

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