Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lights... Camera.... LOVE!

on the importance of putting our love into action:

"He's right.  Your new views and life must be put into action
so that they become a lifestyle

So then my question to you is what action(s) are you taking to make your dreams your reality.... to take hold of the love you've always wanted and make it the basis of your life?

How can you say you've truly lived ... if you're living someone else's life?
How can you say you've truly loved.... if you have only scratched the surface of love and never let yourself love at the deepest level?

Follow your dreams - they will never steer you wrong or lead you astray
Fall in love - fall so deeply in you can't ever get out, and wouldn't want to, cuz that is where you are safest; and it is the strong foundation you need in order to support you as you follow your dreams :) "

joyfully yours...

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