Saturday, November 26, 2011


For years I have been hearing that word in my head, said in a very distinct manner, from a movie.  For the life of me I can't place it. So pleeeeeeeeeeease, if you know what flick it's from, lemme know!

Today I wrote to my friend about disappointment.  Here's the rant:

"A couple of times... not recently.... you said you were concerned you would 'disappoint' me.... the truth is you could NEVER disappoint, for 2 reasons

  1. Each person is responsible for the way they feel.  if we are disappointed it is our own thing to deal with.  Have we placed 'expectations' on another?... I admit I DO expect certain things from you.... I expect you to follow your dreams and your vision.... and to be relentless in your search and quest for Truth and Love and the glorious pure reality of the Universe.... besides that I also 'hope' you will be the best example possible for your family & friends by being a man you are proud of.... that said, still, if you did not do any of these things I would not be disappointed, cuz your life is your own... i am not here to judge you, but to love and support you.... the times that i tell you you are blowing it are when you do things that don't serve YOUR OWN GOALS, not mine.... our lives are full of mistakes.... why make it worse by being disappointed with each other when we take a misstep
  2. You are a good man!  I can not emphasize this to you enough.... I don't care what you've 'done'.... your past doesnt define you..... your character does.... your TRUE character which is being revealed and shined up everyday.... YOUR true character is NOT a sneaky bad boy.... it is a loving honest caring man with TONS of integrity and solid life & love affirming priorities.  The only models you have had have been the ones from  our messed up world.... the 'it doesn't hurt anybody and its fun' model, and more diabolical yet, the hell, fire & brimstone hypocritical totally missing the point model.... both of those miss the mark.... so .... then what is the model you SHOULD be following?....
Let me know who and what you plan to follow in order to have the life you truly want.

With ever-deepening love & ever-increasing gratitude for the man that you already are... and always have been"

joyfully yours...

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