Saturday, November 26, 2011

Despondency's Response

email extract:

"I told you what a sad and despondent day i had on friday.... it was so foreign to me to feel that way... so helpless.... so low.... so HOPELESS... that i knew i had to take notice of what was really going on.... and it seemed to me that what i was feeling was not MY issue, but that of so many dear souls in the world that i was channeling... that a huge number of people feel utterly unloved and unwanted.

And that the feeling was a call from the universe to take seriously that DEEP love i have been talking to you about lately.... cuz THAT is what felt lacking... the hardcore life-validating, fulfilling and redeeming love that is at the heart of the Universe .... it must be unleashed, shared, imbibed, imbued.... it must be allowed to do its job and heal mankind.

As for me, i was chipper again by the next morning.... certainly not as a result from any encouragement or loving kindness from the two utterly disinterested friends i turned to for solace hah!  But that feeling definitely made an impact on me and my heart goes out all the more to the dear ones all around us who feel undervalued or looked over... who lack an unbreakable connection to the deep love of the universe.  I have so much to get done today and in the upcoming weeks, but I am going to make a point to pause.... often..... to love more.. not just in a sweet surface way... but in an incredibly deep and powerful way ... I have to.... that experience of despondency was too intense to just go blithely along, sweetly floating along doling out little hugs here and there.... I want to help heal our world, starting with the hearts of its inhabitants."

joyfully yours...

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